Our Expectations

From Students

  • Regular in attending classes.
  • Regularity in revising the class work.
  • Clearing doubts regularly.
  • Regularity in writing tests.
  • Evaluation of tests intelligently.
  • Paying more attention towards incorrect/wrong attempted questions.
  • Taking equal care of all the four subjects Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.

From Parents

  • Monitor your ward for regular attendance in classes and tests.
  • Monitor your ward for hard work.
  • Don’t panic if your ward is not performing well in the tests.
  • Help your ward in planning of his/her time table.
  • Support your ward emotionally throughout in this tough time of preparing for competitions.
  • Ensure that uniform code is followed by the ward.

For any query/suggestion/discussion parents are welcome to the institute.

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